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    Jay Palfrey

    Jay is a world-renowned travel creator on a mission to change people’s preconceptions of other countries, cultures, and religions. With additional funding, he’ll be able to take on more ambitious journeys and spread his inspiring videos to an even wider audience.

    YouTube VeteranYouTube Veteran
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    Cadaber is a faceless YouTuber creating high-quality documentaries about unsolved mysteries and bizarre internet tales. Over the past 3 years, he’s built a rapidly growing audience of die-hard fans, but wants to level-up his growth by hiring a writer and editor.

    Steady growthSteady growth
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    Brickverse's impressive LEGO stop-motion videos on YouTube have amassed almost 100M views in just over a year. With more funding, these talented creators plan to take their productions to new heights. Get ready to be blown away by their next-level creations!

    Rising starRising star

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    Avery B

    AveryB is best known for his high-production dating challenges, as well as his DailyAvery vlog with a fiercely loyal fanbase. He is a true entrepreneur and plans on using this capital to increase production, optimize his channels, and expand to short-form content.

    YouTube VeteranYouTube Veteran


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